There are various possibilities for your appearance during the HSG Banking Days.
Please have a look at our different formats. 

If you are not able to travel to St. Gallen and would like to hold your event virtually please speak to us.

This is our standard offer that proved to be successful in the past years.

With this option, you will get access to 4 rooms for hours - ideal for workshops and/or interviews. Your event will be followed by an aperitif at the HSG Banking Days Lounge. During your presence, you will meet the students you've invited (after assessing their application) for either your workshop/case study or interviews.

Price: CHF 4'900.-


if you choose this format, you will have 1 room for 2 hours followed by an aperitif at the HSG Banking Days Lounge.

It is completely up to you how you will make use of this 2 hours - It gives you the possibility to increase awareness by sharing company insights during a presentation, do a quick case study or even speed interviews. All that in a specially tailored format and an exclusive context.

Price: CHF 2'900.-

With Option 3 you will get access to 4 rooms for hours at the Hotel Einstein, one of St.Gallen’s most renowned conference locations ( The rooms are ideal for Workshops and/or interviews. The session will be followed by an aperitif. This option is similar to option 1 in its main components; however, it is tailored to conduct your workshops and interviews in a more prestigious setting.

Here, you will have the possibility to conduct your workshop and interviews at Hotel Einstein, which provides an ideal and elegant infrastructure. The rooms are also closer together than on campus.

Price: CHF 6'300.-


Take advantage of this "express - session" lasting 45 minutes to provide students with insights to your company and the sector in which you operate. Describe real examples of your business culture and highlight the attractive career opportunities that you offer as an employer. Round off the session by taking some time to answer questions from your company’s future talents. This short and sweet event is followed by an aperitif at the HSG Banking Days Lounge.

Students must apply to attend your presentation – you select the students who are most suited for your company and invite them to the event.

Price: CHF 2'400.-


During this social activity, lasting 2 hours and 30 minutes, you and a group of students will work together to create a range of pralines, tapas or fresh sushi in a relaxed and informal setting. You will also have time for a 45 minutes presentation, either before or after the session.

Students interested in attending this event are required to submit an application and you will be able to select the most promising candidates among them. The course is limited to 16 participants (including your company representatives) and will take place at a predetermined cookery school in the centre of St. Gallen, under the expert guidance of the Migros Klubschule. If there is space, you can book a second cookery studio and host the event for 32 participants. 

Price: CHF 2’100.- for 16 attendees and CHF 3’400.- for 32 people.

The Confect & Connect takes place in the evening after 7pm.

This is the 4th year in which we can offer you the opportunity to get to know our students at the Escape Room! You and a group of students will visit the Escape Company in the city of St. Gallen, which is known for its unique entertainment program. In 6 groups of maximum 30 people (including 6 company representatives), you will be sent on different missions. You have to make your way through several rooms with only 1 hour time to solve various riddles. This session is a great opportunity to get to know the students by learning more about their creativity, team spirit and performance under time pressure.

Students must apply to attend this cool event – you select which students are most suited for your company and invite them to participate. The Escape Room is followed by an aperitif or dinner in St. Gallen (not included in the price). We will be happy to assist you with the booking of the aperitif or dinner.

Price: CHF 2'950.-

This session is designed to create a more exclusive environment by giving you the chance to choose a group of students and invite them to dinner in St. Gallen. You will have the opportunity to get to know the students and connect with them on a more personal level in an informal setting.

Students are asked to apply to attend your dinner and you will be able to select the most promising candidates among them. We will be happy to provide you with a list of recommended restaurants. Food and drinks are not included.

Price: (CHF 850.-)*
*CHF 500.- if combined with a booking on campus


Everything is fast paced in today’s world. To get to know as many talents as possible in a short amount of time our Speed Dating is just the right thing for you! This session gives you the opportunity to interview nine students within two hours. Ideally, three representatives from your company participate in this adventure. We suggest speaking to three individuals for 30 minutes until they move on to the next department. To ease things up and make it even more comfortable for everybody we serve finger food or lunch/dinner.

Please note that the food and drinks are not included in the price. 
The Speed Dating can either take place on Campus or in a setting of your choice.

Price: CHF 850.-
*CHF 500.- if combined with a booking on campus

The Speed Dating takes place in the evening from 7pm.


Lego Serious Play is a facilitated process that combines the benefits of play and modeling with Lego with the business world.

Participants individually and collectively build their own Lego models in response to questions tai-lored to your business. These 3D models serve as a basis for discussion, knowledge sharing, problem solving and decision making. This method enables the participants to get to know each other on a very personal level in connection with tasks regarding strategy, teamwork, creativity, career path, etc. This workshop gives you the chance to interact with the students on various levels. Further we can also bring in this method for your interview process.

Do you prefer conducting an interview or speed dating in an unusual environment? Then “Interview in a Car” is the right choice for you! This format allows students and recruiters to meet on a personal level while being on the move. During the 30-minute round trip through St. Gallen, an individual conversation will take place, whereby an emotional basis for discussions and an unusual ambience is provided in this special setting.


Additional rooms:

Please note that we will do everything to get those extra rooms for you but can unfortunately not guarantee them. There is a charge of CHF 750.- per room. Please get in contact with us so we can check availability.

Reasons why you should participate in the Banking Days and some impressions in the video: 

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